Friday, September 26, 2014


Earlier today I was reminded why God is an amazing God. I had a female emotional breakdown because things didnt align when & where I wanted them to be.But when they did fall into place of where God wanted them to be. The events that followed my girly moment emotional breakdown proved to me of why God is who he is to me.
I went out on a leap of faith to apply for a job promotion earlier this week. And just being at my place of employment for 3months, 2wks and 6 days. So it was a bold step to put out there as a fairly new employee. But without my support system backing me up morally I couldn't have done it. Beginning with my occasional supervisor Doug Deming who held me accountable to excuting applying for the position. Ramona Salima who jokingly told me to believe in myself. Sebastian Tautalatasi/Sandy Mikesell/Bill for keeping me laughing and lighthearted throughout the week. Eli for the priesthood blessing, wisdom and rides. And last but surely not least Thomas Wootan III for the follow through and ensuring I sell myself with confidence. Each person played their vital part and I will be eternally grateful for each one because without them I wouldn't have been successful in just mustering the courage to leap forward.

So when I got word back this evening that I didn't get the position. I was only partially upset that I didn't deliver the end result that we were hoping for but I was more disappointed that happy ending didn't happen because I got in my own way by lacking confidence. Which made me feel like I let my team of supporters down after they invest time in me. The moral of this story is "Believing in Yourself" will only heighted if we truly take the time to being positive & not self doubting.

Keep.It.Simple.Smartie :) I fall,I rise, I fall, I rise, I fall, I rise because I'm not defined by my falls but can achieve anything when I decide to continue to rise. FALLING IS NOT MY ENDING...