Thursday, December 31, 2015

Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough is a quote by Jim Rohn that I love. A very famous motivational speaker & in whom I quote from very often. The quote is how Ive been feeling about the last 2 weeks of 2015. Being that today's 2015 New Year's Eve & Im grateful to have made it up to this point.
It's easy to fall into a review of 2015.

During this year the good days have been a blessing, the mundane days have been frustrating and the worse days have been torture.
I've learned that hate is real & more destructive than anything we can comprehend or imagine.
I've been grateful to recommit to myself the ability to be more selfless. Even if to others it may be perceived as selfishness. But more than anything in the world. I am grateful that I feel God has blessed me with a new set of "Eyes" & "Ears." Not literally but moreso spiritually.

I can better hear the importance of open,true and though really difficult most times-heartfelt forgiveness. I can see more clearly what & who matter most. Even though they've been in my face all my life. My parents. I've finally caught on to the "Parent Sacrifice" wave. But instead of expressing what I have for them. Like my cousin Christina Mapu fb posted. My 2016 goals wont be spoken but instead put to action. Especially for my parents Florence Su'a & Loi Afo.

2015 at times had me feeling like I got knocked out but 2016 will be proof no matter the matchup. I can and will never be tapped or counted out on my rounds. My Lord built me too solid for all that mess. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Love You All!

Monday, December 7, 2015

The Simple Life

Simplify my life; has been my recent goal for awhile now. Doing my best with Christmas fast approaching to remember to be more peaceable. It's funny but annoying that when you try to be a little more patient, compassionate, forgiving etc. It's then when every second feels like a test. And if you're as easily annoyed as me. Lol Then you know exactly what I mean.

In the last two months there have been teachers besting kids in schools & vice versa, bombings in Paris, staged murders that were actual suicides, refugee migration, mass shootings all over the world etc. Which is why I decided to become more simple at doing things & how I handle people. Im byfar no mother teresa. But Im trying daily. It's alot of work but I figure if I can start with myself to be less crude & more kind. Then at least I was better than yesterday & can be more tomorrow.

Im doing it one breath at a time.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Perfectly Imperfect

I live to expose my own flaws because it's important to me that people can identify with my personality. It's also important that they understand that no matter how low they feel about themselves. There is always a way out of their tangled up feelings & a way to rise from those emotions.
Yesterday was a monumental morning for me. I've never had a driver's license in my whole life. Back in high school I could've but I allowed my circumstance cause me to lose priority in gaining it. Over the years, just like not graduating with a high school education with my class. I delayed obtaining these documents. Not because of my intelligence, desire or ability. But I let life get in the way. I let my rebellious nature pull me back. I in a sense gave up on me and when I noticed that I was a high school dropout. It killed me & it felt like I was the only one in the whole wide world.

So despite all the jokes, the judge mental comments or the disappointment from spectators. All I can say proudly is I'm on my way. Just like getting my high school diploma later in life. I got my driver's permit yesterday & very soon will have my driver's license. Oh and Im a USA registered voter too :) that happened Nov 2,2015. On my younger bro Roys birthday.

 This post is for you to relay to concerning your own goals. Is there something in your life your procrastinating & need to get done? Like getting a job, a better job, preparing for education, starting a family, healing your family etc. Well whatever it is that it may be. Take it from me; YOU CAN DO IT.. Just take the advice of one of my current favorite mentors Tai Lopez. Gain the Knowledge on that goal, Strategize what your execution needs to be and then Immerse yourself in Executing those steps to meet that goal. 

Gaining my Driver's permit isn't for anyone but for me to understand why it took this long to get. But the same could be said of yourself concerning the goals you've been trying to accomplish in your life. So STOP WORRYING so much about what people will or have said about your lack of getting it done. Cause like my sister Caroline Ulugia always says "People will always talk, forget them & if you're bettering yourself for you & your family that's all that matters." SO STOP STALLING & get with it famz & frenz. If I can do it! BELIEVE ME YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!! GOD WILLING :)   

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Turnt Up Reception

So returning from Vegas after placing grandma Aimiti to rest. Like I said I was ready for this turnt up celebration for my bestie/sistah Dawn Taufui Alo & her hubby Mycal. 
I love weddings, I love love because I'm a hopeless romantic. They were sealed in the SLC, Temple on Sept 25,2015 & Then Sept 26,2015 was their outdoor wedding reception in American Fork,Utah. It was a beautiful weekend. Reconnected with so many great friends & family. Met new people that kept it funny & a pleasure to have crossed paths. What I loved the most was that after all the ups & downs of these two relationship over the years. They made it to the next chapter of their lives on their way to eternity. The week of their wedding dawn had just been home from her mission a little over a year. So it was a beautiful sight to see where she's grown & now married up. 
I will forever be grateful they gave me the honor to stand in their line. Also for the opportunity to get a laid back partner in Lafu Mariner after my braddah Chris Lavatai decided to trade me in lol His lost ha. Nah but it was a great weekend & can't wait til these two have their mini mycals lol I mean mini dks bah bah.. #DivineHertiageChoirAiga#D&KAlo_Love 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Change Shoes

As I promised in my last post about writing my thoughts down about Grandma Aimiti & my sistah Dawn Taufui's wedding. Here we go in the next few entries.


Passed away. It was Saturday of our Mapu Family Reunion. She was 93 years old and we understood she'd return to God soon. But even still. We werent prepared to lose her. In our immediate family she was our last surviving grandparent. So for me it hurt really bad because all these years it wasnt easy to communicate with gma because my inability to speak Samoan fluently. Which is no ones fault but my own. Good thing for me my gma was a loving, kind and patient to my lack of communicating in our native tongue.

The week leading up to her burial was a wakeup call on alot of how people should communicate. 
But I also witnessed the beauty of the Fa'a Samoa system, importance of knowing their order & why we shouldnt take our culture for granted.

And though our mourning for our loving gma was in spurts of unity here and there. Instead of consistantly smoothly all the way through.
I was blessed to know y he blood I share with gma aimiti is Godly Strong. As long as we follow her example of patience, realness and unconditional love. We wont go wrong. She will forever be in our hearts. I was grateful to be with my family esp my beautiful auntie siomia, her gorgeous daughters Crystal & Cassie. But I was ready to get home to really mourn in peace grandma Aimiti. I love our grandma & will continue to wear her name humbly. Just what she means to me.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Pouring Rain

I'm not really in the mood to write but since I cant sleep. I figure I should just jot something real quick. The last two months have been hard. I turned 37yrs old Sept 1 and it was only nice cuz my sis Rosie Afo took me to dinner. Maxwells Pizzeria is very much the business. On Sept 5,2015 my grandmother Aimiti Mapuolesega Faamaligi Afo died. I'll detail the experience in my next post to do it justice. My best friend Dawn Taufui got married & sealed to the love of her life Mycal Rueben Alo. Also another post I will be detailing to follow grandma aimitis. Since then im still riding the rollercoaster of clashing experiences. Some bumps I definitely felt like giving up. But Im still standing. Tomorrow is the beginning of General Conference weekend. So I will be out w/my girls Tirae,Carol,Penny,Tayvia,Sela and whoever we run into throughout the night. Challenge given to me by John Siafega to introduce myself & talk to 25 guys by the end of this week is going down tomorrow night. It should be interesting. Now only if John would come out of dodging challenges. I could give him his already. Men, so

Anyway & there it is my life update for now.
Happy Night famz & frenz

Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Heart

I was just telling my sistah Rosie while dealing with a situation that I felt like "It's like groundshog day with this person; over and over a broken record that won't stop playing." But don't you think it would've stop playing if its broken?lol After time well spent on getting over things & rehashing a few things for myself. I've saught out gaining a new heart about the circumstance & push forward regardless. The summer is quickly coming to an end, celebrating many weddings are also coming up and unexpected blessings are anxiously things I'm anticipating. July has flown, August will be here with in 24hrs and before we know it, it'll be 2016. I'm sure happy & grateful for all I've learned so far.

Friday, July 17, 2015

They Think They Know

Before I explain just how special today is for me. I would have to say it has been a really rocky patch for me since June 22,2015. But all and all Ive understood its all a part of God's plan for me. As usual I've had my mood swings, disappointments and setbacks. But I can not get myself to give up my faith, beliefs and trust in God. Not that I even would want to because I know better than anyone that the repentance process isnt an easy road. So like I was saying I dont give up. Of course Ive complained, have been resentful and angry on a whole new level. But against it all I have a great clarity of how I should be cared and loved. And in rediscovering what I already knew. I am becoming to being who I always wanted to be. A wife & mother in preparation/training. An advocate for my community also in the works and last but not at all least; A valiant daughter of God. Which is the best feeling today on the day I returned from serving in the Los Angeles California Mission on the behalf of Christ through the Lds Church 12 years ago. July 17,2003 will never be a day I never forget. God knew I needed that mission experience. #GodIsGood

Monday, June 22, 2015


Since my last blog I've felt more disconnected to almost every aspect of my life that could possibly be. It was if there was this dark cloud following me everywhere I went and the battle within in trying to always choose the right over the wrong just continued to feel as if I couldn't get myself to choose the right for the right reasons. But I've continued to muster through & today seems to be much better then many past yesterdays that have come and gone. 

A huge blessing as of yet has been surrounding myself with leaders that don't just talk about delivering on their promises. But leaders that are merciful when things don't turn out as expected. I'm happier because I've choose to be around happier go-getters. 

My current goal has been to convert myself more to what I see needs fine tuning. Having more charity, less contention and a load more love for the unlovable. And in the middle of all that finding room to breathe to take a break here and there. 

As for the any "romantic relationship" updates. Sad to report absolutely nada.. Which isn't a big deal especially getting encouragement from my sister Dawn Taufui soon to be Alo. "O, DONT GIVE UP OR SETTLE." Such a great reminder & as long as I've been waiting lol there's no turning back. Quitting on my future eternal comp isn't an option, nor will it ever be.

God is truly at the helm of this ship I call my testimony & without him I know I would be worse off. So I push along, I keep the faith & I continue to follow his plan. Going the opposite direction is just an easier opening  for disaster. 
God is Good all the time and All the time God is Good!!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2015


MAN OL' MAN HAS TIME FLOWN & CONTINUES TO FLY BY SO QUICK THIS YEAR!! Ooops let me take the caps lock off of this post :) before you all think I'm yelling or something. :)
We have 244 days today and 6 months come next month left in this year. Overall it's been a very educational year. The other day I was just telling my sister Sela Taufui that the older I get, I feel the more mean, I feel. Which is odd because everyday I do my best to live as an optimist and yet certain things will happen, during the day or week that has me second guessing myself. As if I'll never master or have a self control on feeling like a complete optimist, like I would hope to be.

Well aside from those inner battles lol I've beend keep up w/ work which is good, my church calling is consistent, choir attendance with full purpose of heart is improving and our family is growing.

There are so many things I'd like to see change for the better through all the above mentioned categories but I'm making it less about what I want and more about what Heavenly Father would have do. Which in most cases is him telling me not to do anything. Especially when it comes to individuals I don't care to associate with in my life. But on the flipside of that same notion. I'm trying to be patient on the Lord in allowing the people I'd love to spend every waking second for him to bring them into my life naturally.

I can say its been a helleva emotional rollercoaster lately dealing with those promptings. But it's nothing outside of the norm. I'm taking in the refinement w/greater poise and less over-reaction. I do know though that I have less to a even a greater zero tolerance for people who are full of bull and cruel hearted natures. Smiling in my face but then talking their crap behind close doors. So at least by staying away from those types of people, I can work on my own weaknesses. So the morale of this post; BE HAPPY w/the people who are kill joys because not every relationship should last forever especially when it's full of plots & ego boosting of themselves by putting you down.

Ahhhh wish Sept. was here already. But life moves on & so will I :)

Friday, April 24, 2015


R.M. a nickname often used to label the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint members who have returned from their year and a half mission call for sisters &for brothers who've served two years. Meaning R.M. return missionaries and in the words of Elder Ballard that doesn't mean "Retired Missionary."lol

I returned from my service on July 16,2003 and so it's been a ride of crazy ups & downs. It's been a test to keep in & on my heart everything I learned from that experience. I have full faith that even if I hadn't served my mission I would still be a strong member of this church. I know it because as young as 9 yrs old I decided for myself that I would never stray off from God's loving care. It hasn't been easy, it never was but through every hardship I've experienced. God has proved to me time and time again he is right with me. He lets me know that my package of opposition is to mold me & bring me closer to him and to praise him. Which reminds me that even if what I want doesn't turn out for me. What he wants for me will be far more better and satisfying. So I bring up my love for my mission because this Sunday, a week ago, I was able to witness one of min friends bare testimony of the love he has for his mission. This friend of mine was able to set at easy any anxiety I had during his talk. In which that would cause me worry that he'd fall off now that he's home & have a mindset of thinking he can be a "Retired Missionary" instead of an active "Return Missionary/Member Missionary. But he is focused and boldly claimed that he is gonna fight to keep his testimony.

It was 2010 when I met this friend of mine by the name of Alapati Agalelei Talamaivao at our Salt Lake 2nd YSA Ward in West Valley,Utah after a ysa fireside. That night he was one of many University of Utah football player speakers & he was freshly returning from inactivity to church at the time. Shortly after that fireside he joined the ward  and we ended up serving in our ward's family home commitee. I was able to witness his testimony open up, I learned how to follow his direction rather than trying to give him direction lol and though I had to leave the ward. It was nice to know he was doing good. As he grew into Christ's glory it was a pleasure hearing about him sticking to the planning & keeping his decision to serve a fulltime mission versus continuing his pursuits to entering the National Football League (NFL).

Salt Lake 2nd FHE Ward Ensign Peak Hike Lei @the TOP leading our Ward 2011 

Unfortunately when Lei prepared to leave to serve. I missed all his important milestones. Him graduating from the U of U, him entering the Salt Lake Temple for the first time, getting his mission call and giving his farewell talk. So to attend his mission report back from serving in the Auckland New Zealand Mission was a blessed miracle. All reservations I had about him losing his testimony were put to rest when he gave his testimony. Our "cupcake" has truly evolved into who always was to our Lord & I know that whether it be 15 years, 50 years or even 150 plus years from now no matter what will come to Lei. He will overcome all Satan has to throw at him. Because Lei's been through the valley of hell & knows for himself the view from high on the Lord's mountain top is worth much more than falling & remaining in the presence of Satan & his temptations.

Elder Talamaivao Auckland New Zealand Mission

I am grateful for our relationship & am excited to see Lei succeed in all he seeks to accomplish & this former football player now disciple of Christ is sure to exceed all that is ahead for him. #PowerInThePriesthood

  "And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall."


Thursday, April 9, 2015


It's almost been a week after; ushering in General Conference & Easter Sunday for this year. I've received so many blessings and answers to questions that I hadn't realized I needed answers to recently. There have been so many high points about the End of March up to this point in the first week of April. I can't fully express what its meant to live more confident, less begrudgingly towards people who are two faced and those who do their utmost to judge me for my weaknesses as if they aren't filled to the rim of their own. 
I thoroughly am grateful for the opportunity to get rid of my follies & mistakes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I see Satan daily and from moment to moment do his best to "Kill my Vibe" as the world would word my feelings. I see him work through my closest love ones to break my spirit. But because I know any other way to beat him except through the power of prayer. I often wonder if those closest to me really understand the battles I face or if they just see me as someone who has it "Easy It" because I don't feel their pain for their own package of "follies, mistakes & mistakes." 

Well this isn't a "pity post" so that anyone reading can pass as "oh get over yourself ova." 
This post is about being a sinner who's battling daily to refine herself through Christ's Atonement to be a stalwart saint. These words are to inspire the tired,weary and deeply dedicated sinner-saint that feels restless of being obedient. Feeling discouraged not getting the resulted blessings that you may  feel should've received by now. If you endure to the end, you will come to understand your efforts aren't wasted. 

 This post is for the sinner that feels their too  fargone that God could ever heal them. 
I testify to you he loves YOU!!! LET HIM ENTER YOUR HEART & I promise you will be armored properly to fight off Satan & he won't have the power to "Kill your Vibe" or drag you down to hell to sit in misery as "Spirited Men & Women of God." 

Aprils showers bring the renewal of fresh perspective but only if you all it. Don't live below your Godly Potential. BE FEARLESS!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tick Tock

We will forever remember this day as the day we laid our brother
Ituaumalosi Nick "Stu" Afo to rest 7 years ago. We were in Vegas March 2008 for our younger sister Teuila & Aisea Vainuku's wedding. Prior to that celebration between a few month period our brother Tuau attempted suicide. We will never really know all the factors that went into his decision to commit to that option. We can assume and beat ourselves about it til we're blue in the face. But it will never bring him back and beating ourselves up will never heal what he went through & what we choose to allow have happen to us while we live our lives. I can say this much though about his passing & honoring him yearly through my blogs & daily as I better myself. Suicide isn't the end and the act of those who choose to go that route and successfully complete the act doesn't define who they are or could've been. I might sound bias but so what if I do. If anyone looks at suicide as a stupid choice or that individual was weak that's why it happened. Then to those people I'd like to say "SHUT THE HELL UP"! because you will never know how difficult that trial would be heavy to carry until you, yourself have to go through it or if someone you love suffers from it or has done it. So again if you don't know anything about it. I'd demand THAT  YOU SHUT THE HELL UP"!

On a more positive note since Tuau's passing I've actually found new talents, improving old ones and discovering that to speak on this issue is the only way I'm going to heal. And hopefully in sharing my story of his passing I can inspire others to share their own. My brother's legacy will live on in me of what it means to love & encourage people. Especially through those who are suffering from these types of situations concerning them losing their selfworth, self awareness and selflove to even entertain the thoughts of attempting suicide.In my brother's memory I will make a difference in peoples lives! We love you Stu! forever in our hearts! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just Me

While I sit to think about my personality, my traits and approach on life, I can't help but think that if it wasn't for the power of God and his love for me I could say without hesitation that I would've given up a long time ago. I'm looking over my life and seeing though the majority of the time I've felt like I was experiencing hell. I know better than anyone those experiences were just refining me. I absolutely hate the standard that others set & hold me to because I choose God as my leader and Father. But regardless of those expectations, I know it comes with the territory for the lot I've chosen by choosing God. The upside of being tested for God's cause of being a daily example are; Humility, Strengthened Prayers fullfilled, Resilience redefined and Faith unbroken at every blow that comes when being tested. 

I use to worry every time I'd pass a certain test of life that God is putting a little too much trust in me that I'll always be obedient and faithful. And yet during those weaksauce type of thoughts and moments. I'd quickly get corrected by the spirit that yes God does trust me but it doesn't mean that I'm going to catch a break just for being obedient. If anything my obedience rendered should be a constant reminder to me that it's required if I'm truly seeking after everlasting happiness. In which I keep in mind though being disobedient and turning away from gospel principles and all that I know would be soooo easy. Definitely at the end of the day acting against God's will and commandments will never be happiness gained. In short, disobedience makes life worse and delays awaited blessings from the Lord.

There are 301 more days left in this 2015 year and we're only 3 months into the year. But I'm determined not be spiritually broken by my trials, I refuse to even get spiritually weary but when the moments I am tested to my breaking point, I will forever turn to God & choose  to S.M.I.L.E through all that may come to test my faithfulness to God's glory. I WILL KEEP FIGHTING FOR HIM!   

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hot Potato 1,2,3

To ring in this year's March Man Crush Monday 2015 nominee slash winner. This will be my first time ever publicly nominating my very own MCM. So natually I thought I'd give a few reasons why the following Goofy Potato was chosen. As to my last blog post from this past Feb 2015 stated; our choir just returned from West Covina, California where we put on two missionary firesides. 

In  preparation for that trip this MCM nominee of mines,  gave me a priesthood  blessing with our bro Jr. Malaga that week prior to leaving for California. Due to my back going out from lifting my youngest brother King Tui wrong at home. Well the blessing given sustained me the entire trip. :) So I could serve the whole time w/o any health issues.  

Good thing for me that I got the blessing because from the beginning until the end of our trip my MCM nominee/winner had me rolling in nonstop laughter. Whether it was him flirting with other girls (LameGame lol) or his caution to Edna not to let me cook the potatoes (jerk)lol , up to him dancing like the heo; knowing full well he was hella stuffed from our day of grubbing before the dance and yet he insisted to get his dance on regardless, leading up to our last day in Cali. When he tried to bum rush me full throttle to throw me in the pool. Only to get himself WWE side pool Ovahhandled, man down w/a matrix twist. Lol Not to forget in mentioning 4 ppl with their combined 16 finger powers, lifting him from a chair. No hands, just their fingers. So effortlessly was byfar the most hilarious part of our trip to say the least.

So after all those moments, why would anyone not want Manamea Gasu as their MCM?lol It's because of those West Covina trip memories and throughout the last 3-4  or so years plus so many other shared memories between the two of us is why I pick Manamea to be my 2015 March MCM.  His ability to make me laugh goes without saying is what makes him irreplaceable! Gotta love the craycray guy! Thanks Manamea! Yous the true MVP Most Valuable People's choice lol  #MyNeverFailing#1DancePartnah/0Joker/MCM2015
This West Covina Trip definitely wouldn't have been as fun without you!