Friday, February 6, 2015

Beautifully Mixed

PMS is the worst possible emotion to feel as a woman but I refuse to turn this post into a vent of all that comes with that emotion. The year 2015 has arrived and progressed into the 2 month of the year. I love February because it's Black History Month & Valentines Day. Celebrating the lives of people who fought for the people of their race & Valentines has become a favorite because love is a crucial expression to be given despite if a person like myself has or doesn't have a muse, other half or significant other. 

I have the opportunity to get out of Utah Valentines weekend to present yet another Divine Heritage Choir fireside in West Covina, California. This will be our choir's 3rd year going back & my 2nd time. I look forward to making new friends, getting acquainted with familiar faces & serving there again. Our theme comes from Elder Holland's talk "The First and Greatest Commandment" in which has been such an eye opener. Do take the time to listen or read over it. if anything it'll prove just how much God loves us. 

The Refiner's Fire right not continues get real. But because of that above mentioned talk, I continue to fight, believe, endure and finally enjoy life as God has always intended me to but I was too blind to actually pay attention to in the past. God is Good, All the Time. And all the Time,God is Good. 

Plus I feel more confident than ever my eternal companion is getting Closer!!lol At least that's what I keep telling myself that for now. But til then today Feb 6,2015 marks my 8 MONTHS for working for USAA through Teleperformance USA!

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