Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tick Tock

We will forever remember this day as the day we laid our brother
Ituaumalosi Nick "Stu" Afo to rest 7 years ago. We were in Vegas March 2008 for our younger sister Teuila & Aisea Vainuku's wedding. Prior to that celebration between a few month period our brother Tuau attempted suicide. We will never really know all the factors that went into his decision to commit to that option. We can assume and beat ourselves about it til we're blue in the face. But it will never bring him back and beating ourselves up will never heal what he went through & what we choose to allow have happen to us while we live our lives. I can say this much though about his passing & honoring him yearly through my blogs & daily as I better myself. Suicide isn't the end and the act of those who choose to go that route and successfully complete the act doesn't define who they are or could've been. I might sound bias but so what if I do. If anyone looks at suicide as a stupid choice or that individual was weak that's why it happened. Then to those people I'd like to say "SHUT THE HELL UP"! because you will never know how difficult that trial would be heavy to carry until you, yourself have to go through it or if someone you love suffers from it or has done it. So again if you don't know anything about it. I'd demand THAT  YOU SHUT THE HELL UP"!

On a more positive note since Tuau's passing I've actually found new talents, improving old ones and discovering that to speak on this issue is the only way I'm going to heal. And hopefully in sharing my story of his passing I can inspire others to share their own. My brother's legacy will live on in me of what it means to love & encourage people. Especially through those who are suffering from these types of situations concerning them losing their selfworth, self awareness and selflove to even entertain the thoughts of attempting suicide.In my brother's memory I will make a difference in peoples lives! We love you Stu! forever in our hearts! 

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just Me

While I sit to think about my personality, my traits and approach on life, I can't help but think that if it wasn't for the power of God and his love for me I could say without hesitation that I would've given up a long time ago. I'm looking over my life and seeing though the majority of the time I've felt like I was experiencing hell. I know better than anyone those experiences were just refining me. I absolutely hate the standard that others set & hold me to because I choose God as my leader and Father. But regardless of those expectations, I know it comes with the territory for the lot I've chosen by choosing God. The upside of being tested for God's cause of being a daily example are; Humility, Strengthened Prayers fullfilled, Resilience redefined and Faith unbroken at every blow that comes when being tested. 

I use to worry every time I'd pass a certain test of life that God is putting a little too much trust in me that I'll always be obedient and faithful. And yet during those weaksauce type of thoughts and moments. I'd quickly get corrected by the spirit that yes God does trust me but it doesn't mean that I'm going to catch a break just for being obedient. If anything my obedience rendered should be a constant reminder to me that it's required if I'm truly seeking after everlasting happiness. In which I keep in mind though being disobedient and turning away from gospel principles and all that I know would be soooo easy. Definitely at the end of the day acting against God's will and commandments will never be happiness gained. In short, disobedience makes life worse and delays awaited blessings from the Lord.

There are 301 more days left in this 2015 year and we're only 3 months into the year. But I'm determined not be spiritually broken by my trials, I refuse to even get spiritually weary but when the moments I am tested to my breaking point, I will forever turn to God & choose  to S.M.I.L.E through all that may come to test my faithfulness to God's glory. I WILL KEEP FIGHTING FOR HIM!   

Monday, March 2, 2015

Hot Potato 1,2,3

To ring in this year's March Man Crush Monday 2015 nominee slash winner. This will be my first time ever publicly nominating my very own MCM. So natually I thought I'd give a few reasons why the following Goofy Potato was chosen. As to my last blog post from this past Feb 2015 stated; our choir just returned from West Covina, California where we put on two missionary firesides. 

In  preparation for that trip this MCM nominee of mines,  gave me a priesthood  blessing with our bro Jr. Malaga that week prior to leaving for California. Due to my back going out from lifting my youngest brother King Tui wrong at home. Well the blessing given sustained me the entire trip. :) So I could serve the whole time w/o any health issues.  

Good thing for me that I got the blessing because from the beginning until the end of our trip my MCM nominee/winner had me rolling in nonstop laughter. Whether it was him flirting with other girls (LameGame lol) or his caution to Edna not to let me cook the potatoes (jerk)lol , up to him dancing like the heo; knowing full well he was hella stuffed from our day of grubbing before the dance and yet he insisted to get his dance on regardless, leading up to our last day in Cali. When he tried to bum rush me full throttle to throw me in the pool. Only to get himself WWE side pool Ovahhandled, man down w/a matrix twist. Lol Not to forget in mentioning 4 ppl with their combined 16 finger powers, lifting him from a chair. No hands, just their fingers. So effortlessly was byfar the most hilarious part of our trip to say the least.

So after all those moments, why would anyone not want Manamea Gasu as their MCM?lol It's because of those West Covina trip memories and throughout the last 3-4  or so years plus so many other shared memories between the two of us is why I pick Manamea to be my 2015 March MCM.  His ability to make me laugh goes without saying is what makes him irreplaceable! Gotta love the craycray guy! Thanks Manamea! Yous the true MVP Most Valuable People's choice lol  #MyNeverFailing#1DancePartnah/0Joker/MCM2015
This West Covina Trip definitely wouldn't have been as fun without you!