Monday, March 2, 2015

Hot Potato 1,2,3

To ring in this year's March Man Crush Monday 2015 nominee slash winner. This will be my first time ever publicly nominating my very own MCM. So natually I thought I'd give a few reasons why the following Goofy Potato was chosen. As to my last blog post from this past Feb 2015 stated; our choir just returned from West Covina, California where we put on two missionary firesides. 

In  preparation for that trip this MCM nominee of mines,  gave me a priesthood  blessing with our bro Jr. Malaga that week prior to leaving for California. Due to my back going out from lifting my youngest brother King Tui wrong at home. Well the blessing given sustained me the entire trip. :) So I could serve the whole time w/o any health issues.  

Good thing for me that I got the blessing because from the beginning until the end of our trip my MCM nominee/winner had me rolling in nonstop laughter. Whether it was him flirting with other girls (LameGame lol) or his caution to Edna not to let me cook the potatoes (jerk)lol , up to him dancing like the heo; knowing full well he was hella stuffed from our day of grubbing before the dance and yet he insisted to get his dance on regardless, leading up to our last day in Cali. When he tried to bum rush me full throttle to throw me in the pool. Only to get himself WWE side pool Ovahhandled, man down w/a matrix twist. Lol Not to forget in mentioning 4 ppl with their combined 16 finger powers, lifting him from a chair. No hands, just their fingers. So effortlessly was byfar the most hilarious part of our trip to say the least.

So after all those moments, why would anyone not want Manamea Gasu as their MCM?lol It's because of those West Covina trip memories and throughout the last 3-4  or so years plus so many other shared memories between the two of us is why I pick Manamea to be my 2015 March MCM.  His ability to make me laugh goes without saying is what makes him irreplaceable! Gotta love the craycray guy! Thanks Manamea! Yous the true MVP Most Valuable People's choice lol  #MyNeverFailing#1DancePartnah/0Joker/MCM2015
This West Covina Trip definitely wouldn't have been as fun without you!

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