Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tick Tock

We will forever remember this day as the day we laid our brother
Ituaumalosi Nick "Stu" Afo to rest 7 years ago. We were in Vegas March 2008 for our younger sister Teuila & Aisea Vainuku's wedding. Prior to that celebration between a few month period our brother Tuau attempted suicide. We will never really know all the factors that went into his decision to commit to that option. We can assume and beat ourselves about it til we're blue in the face. But it will never bring him back and beating ourselves up will never heal what he went through & what we choose to allow have happen to us while we live our lives. I can say this much though about his passing & honoring him yearly through my blogs & daily as I better myself. Suicide isn't the end and the act of those who choose to go that route and successfully complete the act doesn't define who they are or could've been. I might sound bias but so what if I do. If anyone looks at suicide as a stupid choice or that individual was weak that's why it happened. Then to those people I'd like to say "SHUT THE HELL UP"! because you will never know how difficult that trial would be heavy to carry until you, yourself have to go through it or if someone you love suffers from it or has done it. So again if you don't know anything about it. I'd demand THAT  YOU SHUT THE HELL UP"!

On a more positive note since Tuau's passing I've actually found new talents, improving old ones and discovering that to speak on this issue is the only way I'm going to heal. And hopefully in sharing my story of his passing I can inspire others to share their own. My brother's legacy will live on in me of what it means to love & encourage people. Especially through those who are suffering from these types of situations concerning them losing their selfworth, self awareness and selflove to even entertain the thoughts of attempting suicide.In my brother's memory I will make a difference in peoples lives! We love you Stu! forever in our hearts! 

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