Thursday, April 9, 2015


It's almost been a week after; ushering in General Conference & Easter Sunday for this year. I've received so many blessings and answers to questions that I hadn't realized I needed answers to recently. There have been so many high points about the End of March up to this point in the first week of April. I can't fully express what its meant to live more confident, less begrudgingly towards people who are two faced and those who do their utmost to judge me for my weaknesses as if they aren't filled to the rim of their own. 
I thoroughly am grateful for the opportunity to get rid of my follies & mistakes through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I see Satan daily and from moment to moment do his best to "Kill my Vibe" as the world would word my feelings. I see him work through my closest love ones to break my spirit. But because I know any other way to beat him except through the power of prayer. I often wonder if those closest to me really understand the battles I face or if they just see me as someone who has it "Easy It" because I don't feel their pain for their own package of "follies, mistakes & mistakes." 

Well this isn't a "pity post" so that anyone reading can pass as "oh get over yourself ova." 
This post is about being a sinner who's battling daily to refine herself through Christ's Atonement to be a stalwart saint. These words are to inspire the tired,weary and deeply dedicated sinner-saint that feels restless of being obedient. Feeling discouraged not getting the resulted blessings that you may  feel should've received by now. If you endure to the end, you will come to understand your efforts aren't wasted. 

 This post is for the sinner that feels their too  fargone that God could ever heal them. 
I testify to you he loves YOU!!! LET HIM ENTER YOUR HEART & I promise you will be armored properly to fight off Satan & he won't have the power to "Kill your Vibe" or drag you down to hell to sit in misery as "Spirited Men & Women of God." 

Aprils showers bring the renewal of fresh perspective but only if you all it. Don't live below your Godly Potential. BE FEARLESS!!

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