Wednesday, May 20, 2015


MAN OL' MAN HAS TIME FLOWN & CONTINUES TO FLY BY SO QUICK THIS YEAR!! Ooops let me take the caps lock off of this post :) before you all think I'm yelling or something. :)
We have 244 days today and 6 months come next month left in this year. Overall it's been a very educational year. The other day I was just telling my sister Sela Taufui that the older I get, I feel the more mean, I feel. Which is odd because everyday I do my best to live as an optimist and yet certain things will happen, during the day or week that has me second guessing myself. As if I'll never master or have a self control on feeling like a complete optimist, like I would hope to be.

Well aside from those inner battles lol I've beend keep up w/ work which is good, my church calling is consistent, choir attendance with full purpose of heart is improving and our family is growing.

There are so many things I'd like to see change for the better through all the above mentioned categories but I'm making it less about what I want and more about what Heavenly Father would have do. Which in most cases is him telling me not to do anything. Especially when it comes to individuals I don't care to associate with in my life. But on the flipside of that same notion. I'm trying to be patient on the Lord in allowing the people I'd love to spend every waking second for him to bring them into my life naturally.

I can say its been a helleva emotional rollercoaster lately dealing with those promptings. But it's nothing outside of the norm. I'm taking in the refinement w/greater poise and less over-reaction. I do know though that I have less to a even a greater zero tolerance for people who are full of bull and cruel hearted natures. Smiling in my face but then talking their crap behind close doors. So at least by staying away from those types of people, I can work on my own weaknesses. So the morale of this post; BE HAPPY w/the people who are kill joys because not every relationship should last forever especially when it's full of plots & ego boosting of themselves by putting you down.

Ahhhh wish Sept. was here already. But life moves on & so will I :)