Monday, June 22, 2015


Since my last blog I've felt more disconnected to almost every aspect of my life that could possibly be. It was if there was this dark cloud following me everywhere I went and the battle within in trying to always choose the right over the wrong just continued to feel as if I couldn't get myself to choose the right for the right reasons. But I've continued to muster through & today seems to be much better then many past yesterdays that have come and gone. 

A huge blessing as of yet has been surrounding myself with leaders that don't just talk about delivering on their promises. But leaders that are merciful when things don't turn out as expected. I'm happier because I've choose to be around happier go-getters. 

My current goal has been to convert myself more to what I see needs fine tuning. Having more charity, less contention and a load more love for the unlovable. And in the middle of all that finding room to breathe to take a break here and there. 

As for the any "romantic relationship" updates. Sad to report absolutely nada.. Which isn't a big deal especially getting encouragement from my sister Dawn Taufui soon to be Alo. "O, DONT GIVE UP OR SETTLE." Such a great reminder & as long as I've been waiting lol there's no turning back. Quitting on my future eternal comp isn't an option, nor will it ever be.

God is truly at the helm of this ship I call my testimony & without him I know I would be worse off. So I push along, I keep the faith & I continue to follow his plan. Going the opposite direction is just an easier opening  for disaster. 
God is Good all the time and All the time God is Good!!!