Thursday, July 30, 2015

New Heart

I was just telling my sistah Rosie while dealing with a situation that I felt like "It's like groundshog day with this person; over and over a broken record that won't stop playing." But don't you think it would've stop playing if its broken?lol After time well spent on getting over things & rehashing a few things for myself. I've saught out gaining a new heart about the circumstance & push forward regardless. The summer is quickly coming to an end, celebrating many weddings are also coming up and unexpected blessings are anxiously things I'm anticipating. July has flown, August will be here with in 24hrs and before we know it, it'll be 2016. I'm sure happy & grateful for all I've learned so far.

Friday, July 17, 2015

They Think They Know

Before I explain just how special today is for me. I would have to say it has been a really rocky patch for me since June 22,2015. But all and all Ive understood its all a part of God's plan for me. As usual I've had my mood swings, disappointments and setbacks. But I can not get myself to give up my faith, beliefs and trust in God. Not that I even would want to because I know better than anyone that the repentance process isnt an easy road. So like I was saying I dont give up. Of course Ive complained, have been resentful and angry on a whole new level. But against it all I have a great clarity of how I should be cared and loved. And in rediscovering what I already knew. I am becoming to being who I always wanted to be. A wife & mother in preparation/training. An advocate for my community also in the works and last but not at all least; A valiant daughter of God. Which is the best feeling today on the day I returned from serving in the Los Angeles California Mission on the behalf of Christ through the Lds Church 12 years ago. July 17,2003 will never be a day I never forget. God knew I needed that mission experience. #GodIsGood