Saturday, October 31, 2015

Change Shoes

As I promised in my last post about writing my thoughts down about Grandma Aimiti & my sistah Dawn Taufui's wedding. Here we go in the next few entries.


Passed away. It was Saturday of our Mapu Family Reunion. She was 93 years old and we understood she'd return to God soon. But even still. We werent prepared to lose her. In our immediate family she was our last surviving grandparent. So for me it hurt really bad because all these years it wasnt easy to communicate with gma because my inability to speak Samoan fluently. Which is no ones fault but my own. Good thing for me my gma was a loving, kind and patient to my lack of communicating in our native tongue.

The week leading up to her burial was a wakeup call on alot of how people should communicate. 
But I also witnessed the beauty of the Fa'a Samoa system, importance of knowing their order & why we shouldnt take our culture for granted.

And though our mourning for our loving gma was in spurts of unity here and there. Instead of consistantly smoothly all the way through.
I was blessed to know y he blood I share with gma aimiti is Godly Strong. As long as we follow her example of patience, realness and unconditional love. We wont go wrong. She will forever be in our hearts. I was grateful to be with my family esp my beautiful auntie siomia, her gorgeous daughters Crystal & Cassie. But I was ready to get home to really mourn in peace grandma Aimiti. I love our grandma & will continue to wear her name humbly. Just what she means to me.

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