Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Perfectly Imperfect

I live to expose my own flaws because it's important to me that people can identify with my personality. It's also important that they understand that no matter how low they feel about themselves. There is always a way out of their tangled up feelings & a way to rise from those emotions.
Yesterday was a monumental morning for me. I've never had a driver's license in my whole life. Back in high school I could've but I allowed my circumstance cause me to lose priority in gaining it. Over the years, just like not graduating with a high school education with my class. I delayed obtaining these documents. Not because of my intelligence, desire or ability. But I let life get in the way. I let my rebellious nature pull me back. I in a sense gave up on me and when I noticed that I was a high school dropout. It killed me & it felt like I was the only one in the whole wide world.

So despite all the jokes, the judge mental comments or the disappointment from spectators. All I can say proudly is I'm on my way. Just like getting my high school diploma later in life. I got my driver's permit yesterday & very soon will have my driver's license. Oh and Im a USA registered voter too :) that happened Nov 2,2015. On my younger bro Roys birthday.

 This post is for you to relay to concerning your own goals. Is there something in your life your procrastinating & need to get done? Like getting a job, a better job, preparing for education, starting a family, healing your family etc. Well whatever it is that it may be. Take it from me; YOU CAN DO IT.. Just take the advice of one of my current favorite mentors Tai Lopez. Gain the Knowledge on that goal, Strategize what your execution needs to be and then Immerse yourself in Executing those steps to meet that goal. 

Gaining my Driver's permit isn't for anyone but for me to understand why it took this long to get. But the same could be said of yourself concerning the goals you've been trying to accomplish in your life. So STOP WORRYING so much about what people will or have said about your lack of getting it done. Cause like my sister Caroline Ulugia always says "People will always talk, forget them & if you're bettering yourself for you & your family that's all that matters." SO STOP STALLING & get with it famz & frenz. If I can do it! BELIEVE ME YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!! GOD WILLING :)   

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