Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Turnt Up Reception

So returning from Vegas after placing grandma Aimiti to rest. Like I said I was ready for this turnt up celebration for my bestie/sistah Dawn Taufui Alo & her hubby Mycal. 
I love weddings, I love love because I'm a hopeless romantic. They were sealed in the SLC, Temple on Sept 25,2015 & Then Sept 26,2015 was their outdoor wedding reception in American Fork,Utah. It was a beautiful weekend. Reconnected with so many great friends & family. Met new people that kept it funny & a pleasure to have crossed paths. What I loved the most was that after all the ups & downs of these two relationship over the years. They made it to the next chapter of their lives on their way to eternity. The week of their wedding dawn had just been home from her mission a little over a year. So it was a beautiful sight to see where she's grown & now married up. 
I will forever be grateful they gave me the honor to stand in their line. Also for the opportunity to get a laid back partner in Lafu Mariner after my braddah Chris Lavatai decided to trade me in lol His lost ha. Nah but it was a great weekend & can't wait til these two have their mini mycals lol I mean mini dks bah bah.. #DivineHertiageChoirAiga#D&KAlo_Love 

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