Thursday, December 31, 2015

Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough is a quote by Jim Rohn that I love. A very famous motivational speaker & in whom I quote from very often. The quote is how Ive been feeling about the last 2 weeks of 2015. Being that today's 2015 New Year's Eve & Im grateful to have made it up to this point.
It's easy to fall into a review of 2015.

During this year the good days have been a blessing, the mundane days have been frustrating and the worse days have been torture.
I've learned that hate is real & more destructive than anything we can comprehend or imagine.
I've been grateful to recommit to myself the ability to be more selfless. Even if to others it may be perceived as selfishness. But more than anything in the world. I am grateful that I feel God has blessed me with a new set of "Eyes" & "Ears." Not literally but moreso spiritually.

I can better hear the importance of open,true and though really difficult most times-heartfelt forgiveness. I can see more clearly what & who matter most. Even though they've been in my face all my life. My parents. I've finally caught on to the "Parent Sacrifice" wave. But instead of expressing what I have for them. Like my cousin Christina Mapu fb posted. My 2016 goals wont be spoken but instead put to action. Especially for my parents Florence Su'a & Loi Afo.

2015 at times had me feeling like I got knocked out but 2016 will be proof no matter the matchup. I can and will never be tapped or counted out on my rounds. My Lord built me too solid for all that mess. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Love You All!

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