Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Be Kind

I mention the following alot as of recent and I do so because I know it's something I need to work on every minute of everyday. Which is being kind. Ive tried to adapt it more often after hearing celebrity Ellen's story last week. She was one day stunned at the country's growing trend of bullying among children,young adults to adults and how that lead many to commit suicide. So as a closing to each show she does everyday. Ellen's words are "Be kind to each other."
Such a simple but poweful message and every time Ihear it, I am truly moved.

I reflect on my past on my actions towards other people when Ive wanted things my way and how Ivediscovered hints of bullying. Even though I never physically or cyber bullied someone. My ability to make people feel guilty for not letting me have my way, giving people the cold shoulder til til they saw my way was better than theirs or demonstrating that I was inferior to them playing on their weakness. By my definition was another form of bullying.

Am I reformed now that Ive brought awareness to my ill behavior? NO, not even close but what I am now is smarter. I am more driven to be kinder. You probably think differently by my last post. But the point I will ever try to express through my blogs is that people can change for the better. We just need to learn how to take accountability for our mistakes, correct them humbly & make no excuse to repeat or relive them. In other words commit to change.. This month for me is #BeKind in doing so lives are improved &  saved.

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