Friday, January 8, 2016

I Swear..

We just got through the first week of 2016 and it wasnt too bad. Which leaves us with 357 more days of blessings, adventures, trials and perspectives to be discovered. I've since moved out from my mother's home right before the New Year. It wasnt something I wanted to have happen. But it was something that needed to be experienced. I definitely miss her and especially my baby bro King Tuifiaola. But it's always heart warming to know that even though we may outgrow our natural element. We can always go back and revisit from time to time.

Well recently I had an experience. Where I was taught the honor code of keeping one's word and commitment. Which inspired this notelike attached quote below.

One of my good friend's was taken back due to my swearing. But for me this was how I choose to express myself while feeling super emotional. 
In which my friend's reply to my fb post ignited my following feelings.

To bluntly state that I dont live my religion for anyone but God. Though I appreciated my friend's fb patrolling my fb posts lol and by bringing this whole exchange of opinions up; my point isnt to say to anyone,"Dont judge me, only God can judge me." 
My point is whether I swear, have premartial sex, drink, do drugs, am a member of the church, inactive or not a member of the church; I dont need a spotlight on my actions or social media expressions at any given second. Especially if to you, Im not "being myself." Because "being myself" to me means I express myself unapologetically especially when its done in realness. 

But would be more appropriate for me if people are concern about the context of my posts. I would just appreciate you offering prayers for me to get me through whatever Im going through during that day you mightve read over my not so Christlike wording. 

Btw this isnt an attack on my friend in whom I love dearly. But it is to bring awareness to people and how they perceive others. Also waking people who categorize themselves as "Jack Mormons" to re-evaluate their actions & if they truly want to reactive themselves in the church. Then just do it & STOP worrying about people's opinions on your testimony & the journey you've taken to come back. Because if you really understood Christ's atonement. Then you would understand its to be used constantly of every day your breathing. But you'll only know it when you come back. So come back!

All in all it's been a blessed week & you all keep safe! #BeKind2OneAnotheršŸ‘ˆEllen'sQuote#

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