Friday, March 4, 2016

Inside Out

Have you ever felt as if all you want to know is if your in the right place at the right time with the right people? Well this thought has almost plagued me since the beginning of the year. I've thought of my family, old friends and the new ones that I have been able to make over the last 2months. Some days are extra productive and hopeful. But on other days they aren't as successfully upbeat for me. Like rain the lessons keep pouring out one after another. I'm a "People Watcher" and enjoy observing what makes one tick. So the above questions naturally causes me to think about my immediate family, current best friends and since the new year began  and the time I've had to reconnect w/my Sugarhouse Sisters/Malialoles.

I wonder how do they get through the rough days? If they don't believe in God or in the restored gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. I often sit and wonder, how do they bounce back from the pain, stress and anxiety that comes w/life trials? So I throught a great correlation to this blog post of mines would be the cartoon movie "Inside Out." I don't want to give away the story line. But I wanted to point out the main character "Joy." I related most w/her because I've found that as I've gone through life.

No matter what the trial I was in at the time. I always tried to force my way through it because I felt if I did that then the pain wouldn't be so heavy to carry. Under the impression that it wouldn't last so long & then I could get to my final destination. Which would be happiness. Well I've learn since then that happiness is a journey not a destination. Pain & joy must be felt to grow into ones best self. Though neither pain or joy lasts forever. If we're wise enough while going through those emotional phazes. We would choose to grow towards God not away from him. To work with him and not against him. This much I know of God. He loves us with all of his heart. He didn't create us to remain stuck in our pain caused by the past, present and/or your future.

 And if any of you suffer from any type of addiction. Food, drugs, alcohol,sex, etc just know that there are programs, professionals and your local church leaders that can help you get out of those addictions. But it begins with what you plant in your mindset. If you think you can't you wont. But when you tell yourself you can let go of those addictions. I guarantee you will be right & you will achieve VICTORY.. . No problem is too small or large that you could present to the Lord & he'd be more then willing to help you. From the inside out he can and will heal you.

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