Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Love The Most

Today was the second year opportunity that I had to share my heart about my brother Tuau Afo with U of U College students that attend Jake Fitisemanu's course. This has been such a strengthening outlet for me because the more I talk about Tuau's character I feel him so close. Despite the choked up emotions and tears that come with how we've survived 8 years w/o him physically being here with us. God has definitely shown me that Tuau still lives today. Especially since he lives through our hearts. I often wonder will we ever get a grip of his death. But then days like today tells me it's ok if we don't. That all we can do is honor him through our good deeds & just be patient until the day we reunite w/him. March is always a rough month but grateful he's our guardian angel & watches over us. Even if no one else will do it. The true definition of a brother.

This weekend is General Conference weekend, Sammy J Concert on Friday and Selu Tuitama Hafoka lined up for the Josh Wawa concert. Which should be a good time & interesting to say the least.
Love still hasn't acome knocking at my door. So we'll see what April will bring to the forefront.

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