Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Personal Greatness

I have been sick for two weeks going on three weeks. Last weekend was general conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints that I'm a member of for over 10yrs. I've been blessed to see and hear one of my favorite motivational speakers Les Brown yesterday April 5,2016 here in SLC. Plus in the last two weeks performing for my sis Selu Hafoka music set at the "Fall Out" in slc on March 25,2016 then April 2,2016 at the Complex for my auntie Ann Mapu Savini's "Mama's House" concert. 

With all of these recent events and running around doing what it takes to keep a balance of my passion of dancing, being social, church and family. The biggest lesson or lessons I'm discovering is that "Focus" on what's right is always a necessity. I've made tons of mistakes in the last two weeks but on the other hand. I also have grown in courage, drive and blessings. General Conference was beyond emotional but post General Conference is becoming a spring board for newer aims, goals and adventures. 
Especially seeking, retaining and developing my personal greatness.