Thursday, June 9, 2016


I am currently reading a self-help book by Devon Franklin and Meagan Good. You will know Meagan for her playing roles as leading lady in "Stomp the Yard", supporting actress in "You got Served" as Beautifullll & other urban movies. Devon you probably wouldn't know because he has been in the entertainment industry behind the scenes. Mostly known for producing "Jumping the Broom" movie which help connect himself and Meagan Good. They are a united couple now who are much in love & promoting their Christianity through this book the "Wait" in hopes to helping individuals understand the power of "Waiting" on holding off on having sex before marriage & other life milestones that they've experienced the benefits in waiting.

It's June 9,2016 and in revisiting how I've progress and haven't progress in the last 6months. I've come to recognize that in "Waiting" on reacting to certain situations and people. I've been beyond blessed. My muscles on being more patient, compassionate and forgiving has increased. And yet on the flipside. When I've allowed my emotions to get the best of me, poor behavior on the side of how others act and then my attitude of that behavior. I've seen those above attributes decrease and my levels of overreacting, anger to boarder liner rage consume me.

So what have I done to improve? How am I fixing my current messes? I am making a more active effort to have Heavenly Father heal me. I am taking myself out of projects that I feel I'm not giving my most effective self to and I am finding more time to want to meditate. Which starts off with doing my best to not take anything personal, less assuming and being more loving.

I have tons of broken relationships that need mending. I know tons of people who could careless in mending those relationships. But just like the woman on the beach among tons of starfish that were on the sandy shore and her picking them up one by one throwing them back into the ocean. Then asked by a passer byer why she was tryna save the starfish when there were so many. Would it really make a difference in going on to the next starfish? Would it really matter?

And as she gently picked up the next starfish and threw it into the ocean. She kindly replied "It made a difference and matter to that one." Just like that young girl. I personally don't know half the time why I do what I do, when I do it. Most times I just want to throw in the towel and be like the hell with being faithful, being the example or being the one others so easily mock. But in the same breathe in having those defeating thoughts I remember my God, my Savior and I push forward or in the instance of the last few months. I wait on the Lord and just trust that through all these trials and questioning why? I am reassured that it's for my good and for those who are to enter my life, their good as well. So be still, listen and never underestimate the love of the Lord for me. All things are working for the greater good of what's to come my way. In that I'm able to continue faith forward.

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