Thursday, July 21, 2016

He's A Classic Man

Today my "Thankful Thursday" post is dedicated to Simi "Jimbo" Tuitama Hafoka just because I felt like bragging about him. He is a man of few words, unless he's at peace with you. Which then he allows people into his space. He is admired by all of us especially because of his faith, work ethic and being an exceptional musician. But what I love about  Jimbo the most is his "Quiet Dignified Kigatsuku" spirit that never seeks to be recognized for anything that he does. A true classic man in his own right that Im blessed to know and felt deserved a recognition shout out.



Rigorous but gentle

Encircled by his passion

Lost in his element

Found by his songs
Lyrical genius 
At the very strum of his guitar
Based on his rhythm 
Whether through Red Velvet
Or Green Destiny
He balances in the wind
Written between notes
Courting in everso slowly 
The anticipating audience 
Into a whole new world
Just to be found with his first love
Where he goes to most often
His home away from home
And where his heart
Feels most comfortable
In his music
Humility rules his soul
An all around artist 
Made whole
Jimbo is the epitome of music.

#Dedicated2 @jimboisyourdad & InspiredByJimbosMusicalTalent
Video credit our bro @ejaymulitalo

Aug 10,2016 after all of us going bowling
for our Sis Lani Moe's Birthday

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