Friday, August 5, 2016


If you've ever wrestled with the Lord on what you want & what he knows is best for you. Then you know it's a grueling battle & most often once you've humbled yourself. You know that he was right the entire time & you should've settled down about whatever you were having a power struggle about long time ago. If you haven't experienced that then you're either super lucky and smart. Or your as stubborn headed as I am. Either way you should listen to the following talk & see how you can increase the attribute of patience. Once mastered by your own effort & then applied over others. Especially if they hit your nerves more often than not :)

It's August and I can't get over all that's happened & will continue to happen. In this post I just want to express that patience matters & counts. And like it was mentioned in the above attached link. Impatience just means selfishness & an attitude of the world revolves around me. So my two cents about this subject is that if you find yourself always being impatient with others. Just know it's not worth being that annoyed no matter the issue. Life is too short to walk around being short with others.. Take it from me cuz I'm a recovering impatient person. HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!!

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