Saturday, August 12, 2017

Flying Angels

June is a blur and July was a heartbreak that none of us was prepared to receive. Relationships severed and the torturing experience of having one of our sweet babies pass away. Lesieli Leka Hafoka, survived by her Mother Ana, Father Sione, one older brother Sefo and two younger brothers. Lesieli was the only girl in the family and an angel to say the least. She was one of the main kids that gave me the will to keep dancing in our Malialole Dance group during 2016-2017. It was her infectious greeting whenever we'd enter the studio for practice, it was her beautiful smile when we'd cheer her on during practice, it was running into her with her family at the library parking lot talking story with her mom and it was her pure & kind heart that made me love her. I will never forget Lesieli and I live everyday to love people the way she did & be 💯 genuine about it til I die.

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